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Refund of Overpaid Mortgage Insurance

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FHA Owes You a Refund

If you have already been referred to this website by our company, the U.S. Treasury is definitely holding money that is rightfully yours. It’s been available for for at least two years and yet they have not paid it to you. This refund is unrelated to and unaffected by any current mortgage you may have.

If you found this website on your own and are wondering if the government owes you a refund for overpaid property mortgage insurance (PMI), call us at (855) 365-6050 to find out.

FHA Loan paid off
Your FHA Property Mortgage Insurance Refund

The FHA Story

When you financed your home, your lender may have required you to have property mortgage insurance through FHA. This insurance was based on the total amount borrowed for the duration of the loan.

This money was set aside in case you defaulted on your loan. It would have paid for any losses the lender might have incurred due to foreclosure and related expenses.

But you didn’t default — you terminated your mortgage in good faith so any amount you overpaid is supposed to be returned to you! Your refund has been sitting in a government fund all this time drawing zero interest. It will not be released to you until the proper documents are filed.

You may have terminated your mortgage because you:

  • Refinanced Your Loan
  • Paid Off Your Loan in Full
  • Sold Your Property

Our Story | Our Service

We are in the business of helping people like YOU recover their money.

This is what we do for you:

We locate refund recipients like you

Locate the Refund Recipient — YOU!


The government doesn’t care if you get what’s due to you. We do. It’s your money and you deserve to get it back!

We process your FHA mortgage insurance refund paperwork

Process Your Paperwork


We make sure that your forms are complete and correct. We know how to cut through the all the red tape.

We handle all communications with government agencies on your behalf

Communicate With Government


We know which agencies to contact on your behalf so you don’t have to be on hold and waste your precious time.

File documents with FHA so you can get your refund

File Necessary Documents


Once we file, it’s out of our hands. But typically, you can expect your refund check to arrive in 5–6 weeks.

Your Story

Your Part in Getting Your Refund


It will take you less than an 60 minutes* to fill out and sign a few forms. We will gladly assist you if you have questions. Once we receive your forms, we check them over for completeness and accuracy before we send them to HUD for processing.

Please contact us by phone or email so we can get your money returned to you. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner your refund check will be on its way. We look forward to working with you.

* There are a few circumstances that require more paperwork but we will let you know if that affects your case.

When You Get Your Money

After our office receives the two documents we sent you to fill out, your U.S. Treasury refund check will usually arrive in your mailbox within 45 days. Your check is sent directly to you, not to us.

No Risk to You!

You do not have to pay us anything in advance. We are so confident that we will obtain your refund that you don’t pay us a dime until after you receive your check.

Get Your Refund Process Started


Who We Are

Professional FHA Refund Service

We started FHA Refund Alliance to help people just like you. You’re not alone. We work with people all over the U.S. that have overpaid their mortgage insurance with HUD or FHA and don’t know they are owed a refund.

HUD says you can do this yourself — and you can. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy and most people give up after 6 weeks without ever collecting a dime for their efforts.

We have worked with HUD for many years so we know what to do without getting bogged down in the usual red tape. We’re dedicated to getting you your FHA refund as fast and as painless as possible for you.


If the government owed me money, they would have sent it to me by now.


You don’t get a refund without filling out the proper forms and the government won’t track you down to let you know they owe you money. The average refund we process has been available for over seven years!

So many people have not received their refund from HUD/FHA, the General Services Administration has ordered HUD/FHA to request non-governmental companies like ours to locate people like you who have not received their money and process their refund.


FHA/HUD says I can just get the refund on my own.

Trueand False

Yes, you can get your refund on your own. But just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s easy. Get ready for long hold times and representatives that may or may not give you the correct information and documents you need. Once you get the paperwork, you need to know how to fill it out correctly. Good luck getting the help you need.

After you send in your paperwork, you wait for your check. Six weeks go by — no refund and not a single word as to why. Most likely, you made a small mistake and they just threw your documents away. You could start over, but you don’t even know what you did wrong the first time. Most people give up in frustration. That doesn’t have to be you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my refund?
If you process it yourself, your odds aren’t good. If you allow us to process your claim, your odds are much better. Not one single client that we have represented has failed to receive their refund.

Will I have to pay taxes on my refund?
No! This is a return of funds that you probably already paid taxes on. In addition, the government won’t be paying you any interest for all the time they held your money. Check with your accountant to be sure, but you shouldn’t owe any taxes on your refund.

What if the person the refund is assigned to is no longer living?

If the person is deceased, the beneficiaries of their estate are entitled to the refund with proper documentation. We know how to handle this situation and get the refund processed.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. The sooner you get the process started, the sooner you will receive your refund money. We look forward to hearing from you.
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